Safety in the Sun.



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At Faith Donaldson optometrists we have a wide selection of sunglasses, and we will give you the personal attention and advice to select the right pair of sunglasses for your needs.

Most of our sunglasses can be fitted with prescription lenses and absolutely all give full UV protection against the sun’s harmful rays.

We have the top brands of sunglasses including Oakley, Rayban, Maui Jim

Safety in the Sun.

So much more than the coolest accessory.

Sunglasses are now the ultimate fashion accessory but never forget that their real purpose is to protect the eyes and to give comfortable vision in bright conditions. They reduce the amount of light reaching the eye and protect our most valuable asset from damaging invisible ultraviolet radiation (UVR) a growing environmental hazard. Without the all-important protection from UVR you could be increasing the risk of cataracts, macula degeneration and snowblindness.

At Faith Donaldson Optometrists we have the knowledge required to help you buy sunglasses that provide the right protection for your eyes, filtering out dangerous UVB and UVA rays. We can offer advice on all aspects of wearing sunglasses, including the type of lens required, fit of frame and the latest styles from a particular designer.

Why choose Faith Donaldson Optometrists?

Why Should You Purchase Sunglasses From Faith Donaldson Optometrists And Not A Fashion Outlet?

1. Performance and Fit.

As optometrists, we understand the damage that sunlight can cause, and can give advice on the most suitable type of sunglass lens for your individual needs. We also stock a wide range of leading sunglasses which are available to prescription. We recommend you protect your lenses with scratch-resistant coating in order to prolong their life.

We can also ensure that your choice of sunglasses fit you whether through the correct choice of style or the ability to adjust the sunglass frame as required.

2. A Wide Choice Of Sunglasses.

We stock D&G, Prada, Rayban, Oakley, Diesel, Hugo Boss, Emporio Armani, Gucci, Just Cavalli, Jaguar, Guess & Gant to name a few. We also carry more specialised brands for example Alpina and Adidas for driving and sports such as sailing, fishing, skiing, golf and cycling. We can order individual models of any of the above ranges if not currently in stock. We have carefully selected a range to suit all tastes with complete prescription sunglasses available from just £40.

3. Safety In The Sun.

During the summer it is important that you protect your eyes from the invisible rays produced by the sun. Poor quality sunglasses can be worse than wearing none at all!

UVB – B is for Burning.

UVB is responsible for causing sunburn and can quickly damage eye tissue with prolonged and unprotected exposure. All sunglasses must filter out UVB.

UVA – A is for Ageing.

UVA rays tan your skin but also cause premature ageing and can accelerate the development of age related illnesses of the eye.

Children are especially at risk from harmful rays of the sun as their crystalline lenses are young and clear and let even more UV rays into the back of their eyes.

It is vital you choose the right pair of sunglasses that will offer both protection and visual clarity in the sun. All of our sunglasses and sun lenses offer 100% UV protection and comply with all EEC legal standards.

Choosing the Right Lenses.

Lens Type & Treatments.

Most of our sunglass lenses are made form plastic for their versatility, durability and lightness. Not all sunglasses have the same coloured lenses; here is a simple guide to what the different colours mean.

Grey Lenses.

Grey lenses ensure natural colour and offer protection in all weathers.

Brown Lenses.

Brown lenses warm colours and enhance contrasts. They offer a good level of protection in all circumstances.

Yellow Lenses.

Yellow lenses enhance contrast and are recommended for drivers.

Blue Lenses.

Blue or mauve lenses are stylish and fashionable. They provide good protection in moderate sunlight conditions.

Pink Lenses.

Pink or red lenses are an alternative look for night time or low light.

Green Lenses.

Green allows vision very close to natural human eyesight, excellent for precision sports such as golf. Rayban provide a specialised driving lens using these hues.

Polarising Lenses – 100% Glare Proof Sunglasses.

All sunglasses are designed to reduce brightness yet glare from the sun can still cause eyestrain, squinting or even temporary blindness. We highly recommend.

Polarised Lenses.

Polarised Lenses which significantly reduce glare, leaving vision much more comfortable and clearer.

They are ideal for:

1. Driving.
Drivers will no longer be affected by sudden glare of a wet road or low winter sun and so find these markedly more comfortable to wear both in the summer and winter months.

2. Fishing.
Anglers will be able to see ‘through’ the water, rather than the reflections on the surface.

3. Skiing or snowboarding.
Skiers will begin to see ‘hidden’ bumps in the snow.

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