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The Importance of Vision in Sport.

Do you wish you could cut a few strokes off your golf score? Does your child always seem to be just a few steps away from the football? Having trouble returning your tennis partner’s serve? Vision, just like speed and strength, is an important component in how well you play your sport.

Because all sports have different visual demands, at Faith Donaldson Optometrists we assess your specific needs and recommend the proper glasses or contact lenses for your chosen sport.

Eye protection should be a major concern to all athletes, especially in certain high-risk sports.

Outdoor Sports.

For outdoor sports, appropriate sunglasses are a must, and some sport-specific designs may even help you improve your game.


If you spend time swimming, the chemicals used in public pools can irritate your eyes. We can supply prescription swimming goggles to protect your eyes against exposure to these harsh chemicals.

Running & Cycling.

If you’re a runner you will probably want to wear contact lenses. If you’re a cyclist you’ll want wrap around glasses. You may want varifocal wraparounds if you’re a fell runner and need to read a map.

Fishing and Shooting.

If you’re a fisherman you’ll want polarised lenses which help you see through the water surface. If you enjoy shooting you may want shooting specs with a specialised orange shooting tint or transitions lenses.

The latest research shows that your sports performance can be enhanced if you have the right eyewear. At Faith Donaldson Optometrists we enjoy learning about your sport and advising you on the optimum correction to ensure your best performance.

Kids & Sport.

Don’t forget your kids when it comes to sport.

Sports such as rugby and football can easily throw up dirt and grit into the eyes, squash or tennis can risk orbital injuries and indeed many schools now insist child who wear glasses must use sports goggles to protect their eyes during sport.

We offer a wide range of sporty prescription wraparounds, in a wide variety of styles, sizes and colours.


Lens Cloths.

Cloths are suitable for use on all types of spectacle lenses including multi-coated lenses. Our high density micro fibres cloths far exceed any conventional cloths and enable grease and moisture to be absorbed and removed from any lens surface.

Elastic sports band.

Suitable for glasses and sunglasses. These are washable and adjustable. We stock bands in children sizes to help keep glasses in place on active kids!

Cushioned nose pads & comfort bridges.

Soft cushion comfort prevents nose irritation and stop frames from slipping.

3-in-1 metal screwdriver.

For use with glasses and sunglasses.

Spectacles chains.

From beautiful pilgrim chains to strong leather cords; we have styles something to suit everyone.

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