Choosing Comfort, Style & Elegance.

Choosing Comfort, Style & Elegance.

Frames & Lenses

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Frame Design.

At Faith Donaldson Optometrists you can be sure of personal service and advise when choosing your frames. In order to give you the greatest choice of the latest designs, we are constantly updating our range of frames in line with the latest optical trends.

We offer an extensive range including well known designer names with the styling and detail that you would expect. We strive to select a wide variety of styles and prices to suit all individual needs, with complete price frame and lenses from £35.

We will endeavour to source any frame from our suppliers for you.

Our current range includes the following to name a few:

Inspired by the beauty and culture of Maui, our mission is to spread aloha through vivid color, clarity and detail

We started stocking frames from this designer last year and the Giorgio Valmassoi collection has really become quite a talking point. We loved them from the moment we first saw them, and have been overwhelmed by their popularity to date. Traditional, yet ultra on-trend, a perfect mix of form and function.

Hand-crafted quality that we haven’t seen in many years, the Giorgio Valmassoi range is made with the wearer in mind and it really shows in the finished frame. Timeless, classic, elegant, everything your new glasses should be.

Designed and coloured in London with a quirky and stylish take on eyewear, this fashion forward collection is for the young minded individual. Directional yet highly sellable, the William Morris London collection offers strong margins in bold and courageous British styles for every personality.

Silhouette are quite simply timeless in their design and quality . Trends come and go, but there is no shifting from the core beliefs that a beautifully crafted frame is a pleasure to wear , just ask a Silhouette wearer.

Oakley is one of the most recognizable names in the world. Their sunglasses, eyeglasses and goggles are among the most sought after, especially within the most extreme of circles.

The Oakley eyeglasses collection has a selection of frame types. Rectangular and oval frames are available in full rim, semi-rimless, and rimless styles and are all available in a variety of color options, allowing you to personalize your Oakley eyeglasses any way you like. And, Oakley prescription eyeglass lenses are among the very best, the world over, and isn’t it time you found out for yourself?

Professional understated styling with modern sharp detail echoing the lines of the new Jaguar design; this range continues to focus on the high quality we expect from Jaguar.

Style, tradition and freedom of expression are the key values underpinning the philosophy of Ray-Ban, for generations the undisputed world leader in sun and prescription eyewear. Unaffected by the transience of fashion, Ray-Ban is synonymous with absolute quality and authenticity. Now more “modern” than ever and worn by countless movie celebrities and trendsetters all over the world.

This quirky and distinctive collection draws is stylish, original, and never to be taken too seriously. Ted Baker says, “The secret of fashion is to lead, not to follow, but to never lead too far!”

The brand, simply known as ANA HICKMANN – the eyewear collection. Class, allure, personality, vanguard. This is the signature style of Ana Hickmann eyewear.

Innovation, creativity, and precision have always driven Swarovski’s glasses collection endless exploration of crystal and its limitless possibilities. The collections demonstrate the company’s willingness to incorporate a hint of its brand style, alluding to crystal in a subtle and original way

By sheer demand (just ask any child) we stock a range of of the Frozen glasses.

You can choose from a huge selection of plastic and metal frames featuring all of the hit Disney movie’s best-loved characters, including sister act Elsa and Anna!

We are delighted to have become one of the first practices to be official stockists of Joules spectacle frames. The range is British design at its best. Fashionable, comfortable and easy to wear. The spectacle frames are available for ladies and girls.

The frames mirror the highly popular clothing designs with lovely colours and interesting prints and patterns including florals, country, stripes and spots in on trend colours. This range has proved very popular and is probably the fastest selling new range we have ever had.

Frames to Suit You.

Choosing frames that are right for your face is important if you want to look great in your glasses. And two important considerations are that your frames complement your face shape and colouring.

Frames to Suit your Face Shape.
The Round Face

Free of angles and with the width and length of equal proportion, frames with a narrow angular shape will help give your face definition and make the face appear thinner and longer.


Oval is classed as the perfect face shape, with perfectly balanced proportions. Any shape of frame will look good, but the one golden rule to remember is that you choose frames that are wider than the widest part of the face.

The Rectangular Face

Longer than it is wide – an rectangular face needs frames with a depth that goes from top to bottom. Choosing a frame with a low bridge will help lengthen the nose while any decoration around the temple area will draw the eye outward thereby making the face seem wider.

Pear Face

Narrower at the top than the bottom – you should choose a cat’s eye shape or more decorated frames to draw the eye upward and make the face seem more balanced.

The Heart Face

The heart face needs frames that are either lighter in colour or rimless, so that the eye isn’t drawn to the widest area of the face.

The Diamond Face

The rarest of the face shapes – the diamond is narrow at both the eye and jaw line. You should always choose frames that are either rimless, oval or cat’s eye shaped.

The Square Face

Strong jaw line and a broad forehead – always choose frames that are deeper than they are wide. This will have the effect of making the face look longer while softening the angles.

Frames to Complement Your Hair Colour.
Fair Hair or Blonde.

If you’ve fair hair you may choose a frame with pastel shades, transparent or metal frames. Sometimes finer, dark frames can look dramatic and attractive.

Red Head.

All colours except yellow or white work well fro Red Heads.

Dark Hair.

Black or brown hair goes well with metal or darker, more dramatic frames.


At Faith Donaldson Optometrists the lenses we use are premium products by ESSILOR, ZEISS, HOYA and NIKON, but we can offer you any spectacle lens currently available in the UK.

When recommended we will advise you regarding options to make your lenses thinner and lighter using the “Hi-Index” glass or plastic materials in single vision, bifocal and varifocal designs.

We will also advise you regarding the latest anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings for your lenses which ensure they will last longer, and enable you to use VDUs, work under fluorescent lighting and drive at night without suffering the effects of glare. Multi anti-reflection coatings also enhance the cosmetic appearance of your new spectacles- ensuring others will see your eyes and not a pair of glasses!

What are my options if I need glasses for reading?

The simplest solution is single vision reading glasses. However, when you look up, the view across a room or even a table will be blurred as reading glasses do not give a great depth of focus. This is increasingly true as your glasses get stronger.

Interview lenses give you improved middle distance so you can view across a table or look at a computer screen with greater comfort. This is particularly important for patients working in an office environment reading paperwork and using VDU monitors or for those who need to communicate with others a little distance away, for example, a heath professional in a clinic environment.

What are my options if I need glasses for distance and reading?

Bifocal lenses have been the traditional, successful answer to struggling with two pairs of glasses. However, as your eyes need more help for close work, bifocal lenses fail to focus objects clearly at arms length or middle distances not to mention the “give- away” line that causes unwanted “jump” as your eye passes across it.

Over the last 20-30 years varifocal lenses have become the first choice with their natural progression from distance to reading powers providing clear focusing at all distances with no line to catch your eye. No-one will know you have a reading portion in your glasses!

All varifocal lenses are not the same. We can advise you which lenses would be most suited to your needs. Varifocal manufacturers are constantly redesigning their lenses to improve the width of the viewing zones and make them suited to modern shallower frames. Maybe you had problems with an older design years ago…why not ask us about the modern varifocal lenses now available.

Having Problems with sunlight?

We can offer you the latest generation of photochromic transitions lenses that change with sunlight (UV radiation) so you don’t need to change your glasses. These are available in single vision, bifocal and varifocal lens designs with a choice of colours and materials.

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