Contact Lenses.

The Choice not wear Glasses.

Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

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1 Day Acuvue Moise MULTIFOCAL Contact Lenses

At Faith Donaldson Optometrists are are now stocking the latest Johnson & Johnson’s 1 Day Moist MULTIFOCAL contact lenses.

The 1 Day Acuvue Moist Multifocal incorporates a long-lasting cushion of moisture to help reduce symptoms of dryness.

We specialise in contact lens fitting so call us for an appointment to discuss if these would be suitable for you.

Contact Lenses at Faith Donalson Optometrist.

Contact lenses allow you the choice to not wear glasses; whether playing sport or going out for the evening you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your glasses.

There have been very significant advances in lens technology and today the latest soft lenses are comfortable and wearable for long periods. You can even choose from a range of colours which will enhance or change the colour of your own eyes.

Contact Lenses

Almost anyone can wear contact lenses and are delighted with the results. At Faith Donaldson Optometrists we enjoy the challenge of fitting patients who have maybe been disappointed with contact lenses in the past. Contact Lens manufacturers are constantly redesigning their lenses to improve the comfort and extending their power ranges and designs making them suited to many patients who may have previously found them unsuccessful. Maybe you have had problems with contact lenses in the past and are keen to try again…why not ask us about the new lenses now available.

We stock all the major brands from soft lenses to custom made spherical, toric or varifocal RGPs (hard) lenses. We stock dailies, two weekly and monthlies, toric and varifocal contact lenses and even extended wear lenses. Furthermore we can advise you on the best contact lenses for your needs and eye health.

Lens Options

Types of Lens Available.

Lense Options table

Contact Lens Appointments.

What does a Contact Lens Fitting Appointment Involve?

It all starts with us checking your prescription. Then we measure precisely the shape, size and curvature of your eye, we assess corneal dryness and discuss specific requirements to determine the most suitable lenses for you.

We’ll show you how to fit them and ensure you are confident inserting and removing them before giving you your contact lenses home for a free trial period. After which we complete a thorough contact lens checkup to assess the effects of the lenses to your eyes.

Contact Lens Aftercare.

Checkups are an essential part of healthy contact lens wear. Routine six monthly examinations for most soft lens wearers and yearly examinations for Rigid Gas permeable lens wearers are essential for maintaining good ocular health.

Do's & Don'ts.

To ensure healthy contact lens wear here are a few helpful Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Always follow your recommended wearing schedule.
  • Wash and rinse your hands before handling your lenses.
  • Always use fresh solution.
  • Replace immediately faulty, damaged or dried out lenses.
  • Replace your lens case every month.
  • Handle daily disposable lenses as little as possible.
  • Rinse monthly disposable lenses before insertion.
  • Remember to attend for your regular contact lens checkups.
  • Sleep in your lenses unless advised by us.
  • Re-use solutions.
  • Ever use tap water on your lenses.
  • Wear your lenses whilst swimming.
  • Ignore eye irritation.
  • Your eyes become red and/or irritable.
  • You have reduced vision in one or both of your eyes.
  • You have any query at all regarding your lenses.

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