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Eye Tests

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Eye Examination

An eye examination involves recording history and symptoms, vision and prescription assessment, binocular vision assessment, colour vision, anterior and posterior ocular examinations and glaucoma, diabetes, visual field screening and retinal digital photography.

Our current private eye examination fee is £25 (£20 without retinal digital photography). Many people however qualify for a FREE eye examination under NHS guidelines – including all children, under 16 years, adults over 60 years old, diabetics and those with a close relative with glaucoma. Remember your vision is a precious. Let us look after it for you. Phone 028 4176 9393 for an appointment.

Routine Tests

As part of our continued commitment to offer the best in eye care we are continually investing in additional technology to enhance the service we provide.

Computerised Test Charts

To assess vision we now use a computerised Thomson Expert 2000 chart which includes contrast sensitivity charts help quantify the effects of cataracts and other neurological conditions.

For patients with visual distress syndrome such as dyslexia the chart allows single rows or columns to be shown to prevent crowding phenomena.

The chart includes Kays pictures which are particularly suited to children or those with learning difficulties. One of the highlights is the fixation targets that allow slide shows of cartoons or moving clowns; these are invaluable when working with children.


We use a special torch-like instrument to examine the back of the eye.

Slit Lamp

This magnifies the front of the eye and lids.

Goldmann Tonometry

We measure the pressure inside the eye which is part of our screening for Glaucoma and other eye conditions.

Volk Lens

If we find something at the back of the eye which needs further investigation, we may dilate the pupils and use a Volk Lens to gain a wider, 3 dimensional view to assess depth and elevations.

Visual Fields

Using the latest equipment we can assess the sensitivity of your peripheral vision to test for glaucoma and other neurological diseases.

Estermann Visual Field Test

We can also test your binocular peripheral vision as required by DVLA for group I & II drivers.

Binocular Vision

Each eye has six extra-ocular muscles that control its movement. If the eyes are not well co-ordinated headaches or in some cases double vision can result. We examine how your eyes are working together and assess whether you need eye exercises or prisms added to you glasses. This is particularly important with young children as we assess how their visual systems are developing.

New Digital Retinal Photography

At Faith Donaldson Optometrists we use the latest digital imaging technology (Topcon Retinal Digital Camera) to photograph the eyes. This allows you to see what we see. The picture is a high-resolution image of the retina, the back of the eye which includes the optic disc (where the optic nerve joins the retina) and the fovea, which is the central part of the macula and the most sensitive part of the retina.

Digital retinal photography gives a permanent photographic reference of your eye health, which will be used to monitor small changes in the retina, providing early warning signs regarding disc colour and shape, associated with glaucoma diagnosis or macular changes associated with diabetic eye disease or macular degeneration.

NHS Entitlement

Are you entitled to an NHS voucher towards the cost of your eye examination or the cost of your spectacles or contact lenses?

If you are receive any of the following benefits you are entitled to a free eye examination. You may also be entitled to a voucher towards the cost if spectacles or contact lenses are prescribed (see categories in bold).

- Children under 16 or under 19 in full-time education.
- Patients 60 years of age or over.
- NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate.

You or your partner receive any of the following:

  • Income Support.
  • Job Seekers Allowance. (income based)
  • Employment Support Allowance. (Income Related)
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit.

- Patients who hold an HC2 or HC3 certificate. (means tested)
- Patients entitled to NHS complex lens vouchers.
- Diabetics.
- Glaucoma sufferers.
- Relatives of Glaucoma sufferer who are 40+ (Parent, sibling or child of Glaucoma sufferer)
- The blind and partially sighted.

If you think you may qualify for NHS assistance, ask at our practice or your local Department of Health and Social Services office for leaflet HC1 “Are you entitled to help with health costs?” It will help you discover if you are entitled to full or partial help.

Domiciliary Eyecare (Home Visits)

If you are unable to travel to our practice for an eye examination for medical reasons, we can examine your eyes at your home.

As it takes two or more appointment times to carry out one home visit, we may charge a domiciliary fee for a home visit. If you qualify for full help towards your eye examination under the National Health Service we can claim the complete fee for a home visit from the Government.

Please remember that this service is for those patients who cannot travel to us due health reasons. If you are entitled to help with eye examination costs, the NHS will ask us to give a reason why a home visit was necessary.

We will endeavour to carry out a thorough eye examination at your home, however not all our eye examination equipment is portable. We can also bring a selection of frames as required. Please contact us for further details.

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